Friday, 27 June 2014

Dodge Journey Safety Features for Families

2010 - Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey is one of the few cars that can boast up to fifty safety and security measures for families. While these features may be small tweaks and adjustments made over the years of safety that Dodge has, they result to a vehicle that can prevent a lot of injuries and keep you safe at the right time and place. 

Frame and Body

The frame of the vehicle is one of the very first things that will help to keep its passengers and its driver safe. Built to withstand impact from different sides, the frame and body of the Dodge Journey features a crumple zone that will absorb the impact that the vehicle undergoes to a certain degree. The dual phase steel reinforced in specific areas will decrease the risks of injury and a fatality in case of an accident. It allows the vehicle to carry a great load with ease as well as evenly distribute energy during an impact. The front and rear side crumple zones were designed to minimize the risk of an injury to the driver and the passengers by redirecting the energy generated by an impact and distributing it away from the passengers and driver. 

Airbags reach up to seven in the Dodge Journey. The advance multistage airbags in the driver and passenger side, supplemental side curtain and knee airbag adds a level of protection that may not be present in other vehicles. It is called multistage because the front airbags will open in stages to prevent further injury to the individuals driving the vehicle and the passenger seated in front. The knee blocker airbag for the driver helps to prevent him or her from being pressed down or back in case the accident occurs in front. 
Dodge Journey

The vehicle also feature active front had restraints that will move in case of a rear end collision to minimize the injuries the passengers might have. The space between the head and the headrest is significantly decreased by this feature in order to prevent neck, spinal and head injuries. Since the Dodge Journey has been touted as a family car, among others, it also features a car seat anchor or latch that will help to secure your child’s seat safely. 

These are just the safety features that are found in the frame, body and interior of the Dodge Journey. Other features can be found in the system of the vehicle.